Issue with dublicate entries that aren't really duplicates


I added several reviews of one and the same book to my library. Zotero has the good feature to recognize duplicate entries. But this time it does not help but seems like a bug:
All the metadata and even the files are completely different, but nevertheless Zotero tells me all 6 entries are the same and I should crop them together.
The authors differ. The magazines differ. The years differ. Even the DOI and ISSN differ. All they have in common is that they have the same "reviewed author" and the titles are somewhat similar but not even identical (as reviews they contain the word "review of" and the title of the reviewed book.

Has someone an idea what to do about that?
  • edited October 20, 2021
    Please consider adding a "not a duplicate with" field to one of the Zotero database tables. I know nothing about the Zotero database structure but in my own (non-Zotero) database I have these fields in my article, book, and author tables. Although it happens less now than in the past, some journals continue to assign the same DOI to all items in a letters to the editor section and all letters about an article have metadata with the same title as the original article. There are many (different) authors with exactly the same name and even though recent authors have ORCID numbers, some of the authors have multiple ORCIDs. For citation, Zotero doesn't need to worry about different authors with the same name but ... my OCD compels me to distinguish them.

    It is great to have a very sensitive duplicate detector but that is even better when you can have an ability to tag records with a list of record numbers that declare that this is not a duplicate with other record numbers.

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