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I'm exporting the notes extracted from the Zotero native reader into a different application. I'm trying to create link to open the relevant page of the PDF file in the Zotero reader using the "zotero://open-pdf/"

Currently my URL looks like this: "zotero://open-pdf/library/items/" + the ID of the PDF as extracted from the URI + "?page=" + the page number.

This is however not working at the moment for files edited using the Zotero reader. The link open the right item in Zotero but not the pdf reader. Any suggestion of what I am doing wrong?


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    Are you using the page number of the pdf rather than the page in the journal/book?
    The page number of the pdf is shown in brackets to the right of the up and down arrows (top left of main pane). For example (5 of 78). You would need to enter page=5 in the link.
  • Thanks. Yes, I have been using the page of the pdf
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    OK. When you say the link opens the right item, do you mean that it opens in an external pdf reader?
  • I meant that the right bibliographical entry is opened in Zotero, rather than the pdf associated with that item in the native Zotero reader
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    If you are trying to use Zotero in the browser, I find that the pdf reader does not yet work with the online library, only with the desktop.

    To use Zotero on the desktop with the pdf reader you need to use Zutilo to copy from the pdf the "select item link."
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