Feature Suggestion: Dark Mode for MacOS

edited October 20, 2021
Kind of surprised that request for dark mode isn't first initiated by Mac users haha.

  • It would be just perfect if the implementation was the same as the iOS app, with the perfect night mode for the PDFs themselves. I suppose that the iOS app is rendering them with PSPDFKit, since the night mode implementation looks the same as PDF Viewer, so it should be possible to have it on the macOS app too.
  • @heartofclubs: The desktop app doesn't use PSPDFKit, so there's no connection there.

    And @kzssc, it's been requested for macOS for many years. Just hasn't happened anywhere other than iOS yet.
  • I hope that a future dark pdf implementation (if it's in the work, since iOS has it) will work just as fine then. In my experience every other implementation darkens everything indistinguishably or does a simple invert, with a really poor experience with notes and highlighted text.
  • Please, dark mode... our eyes deserve it :-) Thanks for listening!
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