Sync problem with group library

I have a group library together with my colleagues (Wirkstoffe) with 40124 references (as visible on
Now I have realized that in my standalone version ( there are listed only 40093 references even after finishing sync successfully. When I press (+) to see also all attachments, than my standalone zotero shows me a number of 52217 entries within the group library "Wirkstoffe".
But when my colleague does the same on her PC, she has the same number of references (40093) but much more entries incl. attachments (75317 !!! instead of 52217).
We both don't get any sync error message.

Could you please give me an advice how to come both (or all) to the same number of entries in our group library?
Thank you in advance!
  • Update: Today, after 8 days, my colleague has 75314, and my number has changed to 75328 (instead of 52217 eight days ago!). So I am more or less satisfied now compared to my situation 8 days ago.
    Nevertheless, there are still 14 entries between us.....
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