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edited October 16, 2021
The recently Zettlr 2.0, is a very efficient markdown writing tool for academic texts. With BetterBibtex plugin in Zotero, Zettlr can create nice "live citations" in Zettlr by using an exported CSL. The problem I need a solution for, is how to export docx files from Zotero which will retain live citations in Word - The regular pandoc-based export to docx in Zettlr unfortunately creates 'static' citations and bibliographies, which means that any later edits needs to be always done in Zettr, not in the exported Word-file.

Per this: https://retorque.re/zotero-better-bibtex/exporting/pandoc/ (by @emilianoeheyns) it is these two pandoc parameters which is needed :

--lua-filter=zotero.lua --metadata=zotero_scannable_cite:true

I can make this work nicely by calling pandoc via the terminal. Highly frustrating, I just can't figure out how to make it work in Zettlr.

Any ideas?

PS: I have included the assets file code, where the above parameters are supposed to be placed.

# ====================
# Conversion: Markdown --> Microsoft Word
# More info: https://pandoc.org/MANUAL.html
reader: markdown
writer: docx
self-contained: true
variables: {}
metadata-files: []
include-before-body: []
include-after-body: []
include-in-header: []
bibliography: []
- type: citeproc
file-scope: false
top-level-division: chapter
dpi: 72
toc: false
toc-depth: 2
number-sections: false
- 0
- 0
- 0
- 0
- 0
- 0
shift-heading-level-by: 1
identifier-prefix: ''
title-prefix: ''
eol: lf
strip-comments: false
indented-code-classes: []
ascii: false
default-image-extension: .jpg
tab-stop: 4
preserve-tabs: false
fail-if-warnings: false

  • > The problem I need a solution for, is how to export docx files from Zotero which will retain live citations in Word

    Do you mean how to export docx files from Zettlr?

    I would like this ability also, but you may have more luck asking the Zettlr communities on Discord, Reddit, or their forums.
  • Zettlr 2.0 has an advanced export function based on pandora which makes it easy to export. Press cmd+e and select Word, basically.

    - the problem is how to configure scannable-cite, aka “live citations” which will remain editable and synced with Zotero once exported to Word.
  • right, but if I am understanding your question correctly, you are asking how to configure zettlr's pandoc based export to work like something that you know how to do with pandoc from the command line. It's perfectly fine to ask here- the Zotero Zettlr combo is increasingly popular and someone might know- but I agree that you are more likely to get an answer from Zettlr
  • I have tried several time on several Zettlr channels during the 2.0 beta phase, to no avail, which is why I was hoping someone here on this forum had made it work.
  • Did you ask on the Zettlr Discord server? It is active, you may get help there. https://discord.gg/rcpFpVNe
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