Report ID: 258417668 Sync Error


I filed an error report with ID 258417668.

This is the error message I got: Unexpected status code 403 caching authentication credentials in Zotero.Sync.Storage.Session.WebDAV.getLastSyncTime()

I had this error already in the older Beta of Zotero and I get it regularly. I only use Zotero on one computer (mac). Apparently this error does not occur when I sync it for the first time of each day. So I once figured that it might have to do with me living in the Central European Time zone eventually having an offset to your server time (and once that offset is without effect, say after six hours, your server time corresponds to my last local activity in zotero, and I am this not way ahead six hours in the future, it works again)

Please contact me if you need any further details.

  • The time difference shouldn't matter.

    Does the error go away if you restart Firefox? If so, does this occur on the second sync, or does it only occur after you haven't used Zotero for a while with Firefox open?
  • Dear Dan,

    sorry for answering so late, it - surprinsingly - took me while to replicate the error (apparently it only happens when I add new items with child notes and links or by automatic creation e.g. from google books).

    No, restarting Firefox did not help. Even after the restart the error persisted (it still does now), I assume it will vanish after some time - usually without me interferring the sync just started to work normal again.

    I will update now from b7.2 to b7.4 and see what happens.
  • The error persists also with version b7.4.

    Anyway, I prefer the new error icon next to the sync arrow.

    If I can do anything else to help you on that, please let me know.
  • I experience the same errormessage. It seems to go away when I load the WebDAV-URL in the browser.
  • Yeah, right that worked for me too. I didn't even had to log in to the WebDAV just loaded it and it was fine.
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