sticky notes showing in Bibliography?

A student flagged that when using the Create Bibliography from a Collection feature, the sticky notes show up in the reference list that is generated. Trying to figure out a workaround. Interestingly, when inserting a bibliography in Word or Google Doc, the sticky notes are not included. Any ideas on a workaround? Seems strange that the sticky notes would show up in a bibliography!
  • Standalone notes, you mean? ("Sticky notes" isn't a term we use for anything.)

    That's arguably a bug, but you can just select all items and deselect any notes with the usual modifier keys (Ctrl-click or Cmd-click).
  • Thanks...but if someone was using standalone notes extensively throughout their collected references, then this would not be a practical solution. The students I was working with really wanted to be able to use a citation manager in this way, by adding notes to specific records...but I'll recommend they use the insert bibliography function instead.
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    To be clear, if they're adding child notes to items ("adding notes to specific records"), this isn't relevant — this only applies to standalone notes.

    But I've fixed this in the latest Zotero beta, so standalone notes will no longer be included when generating a bibliography from a collection or from selected items.

    In the meantime, if they don't want to run the beta, they can also just use Quick Copy to copy a bibliography for selected items, which doesn't have this problem and is quicker anyway (which is likely why this hasn't been fixed before for the "Create Bibliography" options).

    We do, however, strongly recommend using the word processor plugins for anything beyond quick one-off bibliographies, since they offer much more functionality.
  • That's great, thanks very much!
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