Removal of content previous to citation in section Libreoffice

I would like to highlight a bug.

To recreate it,
1) Create a document "test1.odf" with some text and a citation, which will appear as [1]
2) Create a document "test2.odf" with some other text and three citations, different from the previous, which will appear as [1-3]
3) Create a document "test3.odf" and insert two sections inside of it, with the reference to the previous two documents.

"test3.odf" will look something like this:

some text
some other text

Then, press Zotero reload button.
The numbers reload correctly (1-3 becomes 2-4), but "some other text" gets eliminated. The result is:

some text

This is very annoying and forced me to move to another bibliography management software
Hope this bug will be corrected soon.
Thank you

Libre office
Linux 4.19
Debian 10
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