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I am using zotero and recently I have observed that notation used in HTLM such as italic = <i> Text </i>, subscript <sub> text </sub> etc.
I am usually using IEEE bibliographic style.
Aforementioned HTML notation is works for "Title" field, however I have difficulties in activating this notation in the "Edition" field in books.

In the following You will find copy/paste of IEEE book citation from my zotero:
[1]V. V. Mitin, V. Ryzhii, and T. Otsuji, Eds., Graphene-based terahertz electronics and plasmonics: detector and emitter concepts, 1<sup>st</sup> edition. Singapore: Jenny Stanford Publishing Pte. Ltd., 2021. Accessed: Oct. 04, 2021.

How to eliminate 1<sup>st</sup> edition by a text st in upper score.

Thanks a lot in advance for You help and advices.

Kindest regards
  • I am sorry I have remarked that HTML are decoded on this forum.
    my question refers to activation of '1 [st]' in edition field in the book document type
  • I’m not following what your question is. Are you asking how to put the st suffix in regular text instead of superscript? Feel free to write in a language other than English if that is easier
  • I hope that my English is not a problem here. It is just the html coding that is implemented in this forum that is making part of my message disappearing.
    My question is how to implement upper scores or indexes in the "Edition" field for the book entry when using ieee bibliography style?
    How make "1^st edition" (st in upper score) ? When i write using html coding ((<<sup>> st <</sup>> )) it doesn't work.
  • (I've properly encoded the tags in the original post.)
  • Don’t type the suffix into your Zotero data at all. Just enter 1.

    The formatting of the edition as 1, 1st, etc. is controlled by the citation style. You would need to edit the ieee.csl style file (https://raw.githubusercontent.com/citation-style-language/styles/master/ieee.csl) to use superscript terms.

    Add a locale section with superscript ordinal suffixes to the style like is shown here https://github.com/citation-style-language/styles/blob/6152ccea8b7d7a472910d36524d1bf3557a83bfc/mis-quarterly.csl#L52

    Then, edit the style title and id fields at the top of the style, save, and install to Zotero
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