I don't understand why I have a problem with number of authors (et al) in citation

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I use author date iso 690 style.
I have some strange results with the number of authors before "et al"
Sometimes it' ok, if I have more two authors, the citation is "author, et al" if I have twwo athors, I have "author 1 and author 2". But sometimes I have two authors before "et al". However the vizualisation show me the right citation, but in word I have two authors inserted before et al. I don't understand why :S
the code in my style editor is : citation et-al-min="3" et-al-use-first="1"
Is siomething wrong, or maybe somewhrer else in the code ?
Thank you in advance for help !
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    This is the disambiguate-add-names property. For example, APA style adds names when 2 citations would be abbreviated the same
  • I don't understand why because an "a" or a "b"...etc. is added on the year (2016a, 1016b...) when the author has published two or more articles the same year.
  • 1. If there are two or more authors with the same family name APA style "wants" the authors disambiguated by adding the authors' first names. The year of publication isn't relevant here.

    2. Be sure that all records by the same author have the author's name entered exactly the same for each record. You should use the most complete version of the author's name with each record. Author names with different degrees of completeness will be treated as different authors.
  • The first author is the same for the two publications, but the co-authors are not.
    for example : (Dupont, Durant, Martin, 2016) and (Dupont, Pierre, Paul, 2016).
    I thought the citations would be : (Dupont and al., 2016 a) and (Dupont and al., 2016b)
    But the outcome is : (Dupont and Durant and al, 2016) and (Dupont and Pierre and al., 2016).
    I would have preferred the first solution (2016a, 2016b) but maybe it is not possible ?
  • It's possible, it's just not correct APA style. (The.logic is that 2016a,b suggests these are the same authors, which they aren't. It would also suggest they would be right next to each other in the bibliography, which they won't necessarily be).

    Why would you prefer that? What are you using the style for?
  • Adamsmith said : "The logic is that 2016a,b suggests these are the same authors, which they aren't."

    Yes you are right, these are the reasons why I did not get the results that I would like. I would have preferred a year of differentiation "a", "b" because the first author is the most important (there are ten or more authors for these publications ...)
    But I understand now the reasons why it is not possible. It's a pity :(
  • Again, it very much is possible. You are just using a citation style that says not to do so. Do you have to use APA?
  • I use ISO 690 style with modifications. It is not essential but I have made few modifications to have, for example, Author name with capital letters in bibliography.
    The difficulty is that I am in the three last weeks to finish my thesis...
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    @adamsmith, @bwiernik @DWL-SDCA : Thank you very much for your help !
    So, I use the style editor to modify the style in this way : disambiguate-add-names="false" instead of "true"... so it's working :)
    thank you for your time !
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