New "item types" for use in medicine

I would like to have 2 new item types for use in medicine: Guideline and Directive. These types of documents have their own character, legal terms are not appropriate and they are not a report or a document.
  • I think you are the first person requesting these in 15 years, so I'm a bit skeptical there's reasonable demand, but how would a citation look?
  • What an honour to be the first in 15 years! It's quite funny, but the reason for the questio is not funny. I started a library for the public health service in Germany because the information we need for our work (laws, regulations, guidelines, directives, networks, responsible institutions, projects, textbooks, other relevant literature etc. etc.) is extremely fragmented in Germany. In the process, I came across the missing guidelines and directives. It is less about citing in scientific publications than finding relevant data quickly for the work in an terribly organized environment.
  • What became of the discussion (several years ago) concerning a "standards" type?
  • Standard is going to happen. My sense is that it likely would not be a better fit here than report
  • Standard is part of CSL 1.0.2
  • "Report" would be kinda acceptable with the crutch of "guideline" as a tag (with the issuing institution), but guideline as an item type would be better because of the special matter it describes
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