Wrong APA Web Page in-text citation ?

Hi all,

Beginner there (but already browsed previous posts). Probably very silly, but absolutely can't figure out where the issue is coming from.

Let's say my Item Type is a Web Page. The Website Title is "Roquefort", and the Title (implicitly of the page, right ?) is "1ere AOP de l'Histoire". But my in-text citation is ("1ere AOP de l'Histoire", n.d.) - when I should be seeing the organization's name (i.e. more often than not the Website Title, Roquefort). Using APA.

Do I have to manually add the Website Title as the author every time ?

Many thanks !
  • I don't have the APA Publication Manual on hand, but this would seem to be the correct behavior. If Roquefort is the institutional author of the webpage, it should be added as an author explicitly.
  • Thanks a lot ! Are you referring to the unknown author section ? You're right, it appears that the in-text citation should indeed be the beginning of the title, but it looks seriously weird to me - never seen it done !
    I guess I'm going to be adding authors manually.
  • This is a data entry issue. You need to add the author (organization) and publication date to the web page item in your library.
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