Wait time for iOS beta

Hey folks,

Long time Zotero user. I somehow only learned about the iOS beta about a month ago and immediately signed up, but I’m still waiting for an invite. Does anyone know how long I can expect to wait? I’m so, so excited to try this out!

Thank you,
  • Some boat here, Zotero is one of the last tools I need for my workflow.
  • Last I heard, all open invite slots were used (Apples provides a limited number, this isn't something Zotero limits on purpose), so no good estimates on how long it might take to get into the beta.
  • That’s super disappointing. Good to know though, it’ll stop me looking expectedly at my inbox every day. Thanks for the info.
  • I'm disappointed as well, and it's a strong argument to move out of Beta sooner rather than later. An ios app that supports the new PDF reader would be a game-changer!
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