[Feature request] Tag autocomplete not necessarily matching first letter typed

edited October 12, 2021

Presently if you start typing a tag in the 'add tag field' you enjoy autocompletion but only for tags starting with the same text you just input (zotero beta). Any way to extend this up to whatever position in the tag text?

For example, for discourse analysis in spanish material, I use the tag analisis_discurso, so it would be nice that when typing disc* in the tagfield, autocomplete includes ' analisis_discurso' as well as 'discourse-analysis', tought the former starts with an 'a'.

Other example with quick,flying,fleeting notes. Something it comes to my mind stuff in french so I would think "a la volée", in that case a tag would be 'flying_fleeting_volee', so typing 'volee' would display that tag (that you see starts with an 'f').

True that the tag list will start to look like a long list of relative synonyme like discourse_discurso_speech... that might go noisy. Also true that you might recommend me to choose only one language for the system, but what about you? Any other usercase from the people?

Also, to some extent, it might response to a need for small thesaurus i.e. child_youth_kids, see in a blog (in french) : https://zotero.hypotheses.org/3298 ; also in zotero forum https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/47548/thesaurus-and-hierarchical-pick-lists-of-keywords

Edit: I checked Zotero hidden preference looking for 'search' and 'tag' without finding anything special. Underlying assumption is that this feature request pieces of code that are not huge (I have very little coding skill).

Have a nice day
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