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i have a problem, when i use quick copy to insert a citation into word or powerpoint, the exported citation is automatically set as aligned to the right side of the page, not the left.
Thanks, best regards.
  • Does this happen in a new Word document? What version of Word are you running?
  • i am using office 2019, it does happen in new word and powerpoint documents, but it only happens when i drag or ctl+shift+c to quick copy the citation, when i use the zotero word plugin to add citations it is fine.
  • I cannot reproduce this with Chicago style chosen for Quick Copy format in Zotero preferences. What citation style is chosen in Export options? Does it fix itself if you switch to a different style?
  • (hasn't this always happened for some numeric styles like IEEE?)
  • im using a style i edited myself, and apparently it does only happen with numeric styles... is there some way to fix this?
  • @adamsmith I'm now looking at the code here and it indeed has been like this since at least 2012. The HTML output code is questionable in accomplishing what it should do based on CSL spec and could probably be updated. I'm creating a ticket to address this.
  • thanks so much! wish you the best
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