Style Update Request: Wildlife Research

Hello, would you be able to help update the Wildlife Research citation style? There has been several changes since 2014, I think they may be been introduced this September

I tried to have a squiz at it myself, but just made a mess. It looks very similar to the current Australian Journal of Botany, but with a different handling of online references from the looks of it

In text citation remains same

The main changes to the bibliography look mostly like “.,” becomes just “,” between names, first names no longer are separated by “.” so R.P becomes RP, and when listing authors, there is no “and” for the last name before the date. “.” has been removed from after the last name, and after the (date) or after the last place name in a bracket (New York, NY) Full stops are now only at the end of journal article citations, not books or chapters etc

I’ve attempted to give examples below, but more is provided on:

In-text citation:
(Campbell and Pedersen 2007)
(Mares 2001)

(note, the journal is in italics, and 40 is in bold)
Campbell J, Pedersen OK (2007) The varieties of capitalism and hybrid success. Comparative Political Studies 40, 307–332.

(note, they don't show an example of two editors, unsure if it would become Eds. )
Mares I (2001) Firms and the welfare state: When, why, and how does social policy matter to employers? In ‘Varieties of capitalism. The institutional foundations of comparative advantage’. (Ed. PA Hall, D Soskice) pp. 184—213. (Oxford University Press: New York)

Thanks heaps for your help!
  • Thanks for reporting. If you also provide a link to a freely available paper with this new style I'll have a look over the next days.
  • Thanks for offering to help! I don't think I can provide a paper with the new style- the latest journal issue was published in September, and the style changed after that...
  • Journals often have old, out-dated guidelines on their website and use a different style in the actual printed papers. Before I dive into making a style and without seeing a paper with this new journal, what makes you so confident that they have changed the style?
  • The main reason I believe it has changed is that the author guidelines link to endnote for the citation, where it lists the date of the style as having been made in September 2021. I asked somebody who has access to endnote to check their current Wildlife Research style (which reported the old one) and to then delete and reinstall it, which shows the new style as on the author guidelines. It might be awhile before papers accepted September onwards are published online and show this, which is frustrating for confirming the change!
  • Ok. Seems like you've done your research.
    I'll have a look at the style then.
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