Desktop Beta crash

Hi all,
I've got a recurrent crash happening with the Zotero desktop beta, 5.0.97-beta.46+4cfa23050 (5.0.97)

I'm on MacOS Big Sur 10.6.

When I opened Zotero this morning, I had an empty library. I followed the steps to locate missing data, and triggered a sync from my online library. That seemed to be working, but Zotero has now "quit unexpectedly" twice.

Hoping for suggestions on how to prevent this crash.

Also, let me know what more information I can provide to help resolve the issue.

  • What’s the exact macOS version?
  • @smatter: An empty library, though, usually happens when someone accidentally deletes their Zotero data while trying to clear disk space using some external tool.
  • @dstillman - sorry, mistyped the first time. This machine is running MacOS 11.6 (20G165)

    On the empty library, can confirm I cleared disk space over the weekend. I used the built-in tools through About this mac > Storage > Manage.

    Let me know if you want me to copy/paste or otherwise send the problem report. I haven't closed the most recent one yet.
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