How can I use external editor to edit a zotero note or index a attached markdown file?

My requests are add figures and math formulas into notes, and they can be searched by the zotero search engine.

I tried two methods, but they all failed. As follows:

1. Edit the note in an external editor, typora, and paste the text into zotero note in source code mode. I suppose I can copy it out and paste in typora next time. But when I save the note and reopen it, zotero will automately add html tag (< p > < / p >...) into the text, which make the markdown syntax broken.
(When I edit the zotero note in normal mode, it will add extra blank line, which is also unpreferable.)

2. Attach a markdown file to the item. But it seems that the zotero didn't index the attached markdown file.

Is there any solution´╝č Thanks!
  • Zotero Beta has a new editor that allows to format text with Markdown, has a better support for images, and math formulas are planned as well. But Zotero notes can't keep the original data.

    Also be aware that direct note source editing is no longer supported on the new editor.

    If you just want to index those Markdown files, Zotero can do that for *.txt files.
  • Is there any specific timeline for the rollout of math support? Can't wait for it, lol.
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