Web library/mobile version: Button to open attachments broken?

For some time now, when I use a tablet it is nearly impossible to open attachments from the mobile version of the web library. The problem is that the icon/button on the right side of the attachment name responds very badly to a finger touch. This is not the case with other buttons, e.g. the buttons to remove a tag work perfectly.

What I also noticed is that the buttons for opening attachments do not react at all to a pen/ stylus while the other buttons do?

A fix would be very helpful!

Best wishes

  • This seems to be due to recent changes in iOS Safari popup blocker. We're testing a fix which will be deployed shortly.
  • Thanks. You are right. I tried opening an attachment with another app and there it worked.
  • We've deployed a new version, this issue should be resolved now.
  • Thank you for the quick fix!
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