Zotfile Duplicating Attachments on Move

edited 16 days ago

I use zotfile to move linked attachments into folders on an external hard drive based on Zotero COLLECTION (not category as I originally typed), however, it randomly duplicates the attachments rather than simply moving them. I think this is happening in two separate instances.

1. I believe this is happening because the item has accidentally been placed in more than one COLLECTION. During the move, if it registers more than one category, a dialogue box pops up asking which folder I would like it in. I manually select the folder but I am still getting dupes.

2. If I select "the rename and move attachments" option and a pdf is already in the folder it creates a duplicate version with "2" added to the document name.

I downloaded the storage scanner plugin so I have easily identified the dupes but there isn't a great way to delete them in the first instance if I am unsure which has been edited.

I feel like there has to be a simple way around this that I am missing but the multiple are really impeding my workflow. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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