Request: add "sticky" tag option in Selector

edited October 9, 2021
I would like to be able to make the tags selected in the Tag Selector stay that way, as I flip through different subcollections. Currently, whenever I change the subcollection folder, I have to reselect the tags. How about adding something like a "Sticky Tags" option to the Tag Selector right-click menu, which would keep colourized tags selected. To indicate when a subcollection does not have any "sticky" tagged items, the tag names in the Selector can remain faded as they are now. This would allow the user to temporarily archive unused entries, for example, by hiding them from view through the use of tags.

A scenario where I would use such an option is to hide all non-prioritize items as I look through my subcollections. My collections are easily cluttered with so many saved items. It would be nice to be able to have an easy option to par down the list to those I've tagged essential using the Tag Selector. Currently, I rely on "Saved Searches" to quickly just show me the essential citations, which I rate, "01", "02", and "03" with colourized tags. However, I am not able to browse subcollections while retaining the search criteria.
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