Zotfile renaming of attachments inconsistent

Not sure what is causing it but Zotfile has randomly stopped renaming PDF files when adding them. If I try and right click to rename it follows the Zotero formatting. Zotfile renaming was working before but has not stopped. I've tried disabling and re-enabling it.
  • Which context menu option exactly are you using to rename? And have you double-checked that youd don't have Zotfile set to use Zotero rules in the Zotfile preferences?
  • They should automatically rename when I add them and this was working but then randomly it stopped working. No that option is not selected.
  • There has always been a distinction here: PDFs that you add as PDFs, for which Zotero retrieves the metadata in the tool, have never been automatically renamed.

    ZotFile should still auto-rename PDFs attached automatically during web import and that still works in general.

    Above, you had mentioned right-click and I asked what you're choosing in the right-click context menu.
  • I see, so is there no way to have it rename PDF files that I add?
  • not automatically. You can rename them using Manage attachments --> Rename attached files once they're (typically automatically) attached to a Zotero item and that should use ZotFile's renaming rules. You can do this in bulk, but there's no way to make it happen automatically.
  • Ah, ok thanks, I was using the rename from metadata, didn't see the other one.
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