Preserving Original Bibtex Cite Keys

Hi all - I am a librarian who hosted a Zotero Workshop this week for my university. Someone posed the question below - I tried seeing if anyone had asked this question before, but I'm unfamiliar with Bibtex, so I'm not sure if what I am seeing as a fix is accurate. Could someone help? Thank you!

"Bibtex question. I have all my existing referencing done in bib files. Entries have cite keys that I made up myself, and use to refer to the bib fee entries in latex. I can see how to import my existing bib files into Zotero, and I can see that I can build a collection that would represent the citations for a particular paper, for example, which I can then export as a bib file. But Zotero doesn’t preserve my original cite keys, but makes up its own instead."
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