Zotero does not allow in-text and footnotes

On Windows 10, I am using Microsoft Office Word 2010. I have downloaded Zotero 5.0 and installed the Chrome extension. I am unable to change preferences in a Word document so that for one sentence I can insert an in-text citation and in another sentence, I can insert a footnote.

If I change my preference from footnote to in-text (or vice versa) ALL citations in the document are changed. I have tried the suggestions on Zotero for Word Documents and none work.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the extension and App - nothing works.

There is nothing in Zotero and none of the forums seem to address this.
  • I do not understand, what is the problem. The system of reference must be concise in the whole document. You cant combine two different citation styles in one document. Can you exactly describe, what should be output in the document?
  • You can, though, insert a footnote in word and the insert a Zotero citation into that footnote.
    That's what you would do when using an in-text style and then writing a footnote that includes citations
  • For the first, third and fifth sentences, I ask Zotero to insert an in-text citation . This works.

    Later in the document I need a footnote for explanation. If I try to add a footnote, Zotero changes all the in-text citations to footnotes.

    Are you saying that Zotero cannot allow in-text citations and footnotes in the say document?t
  • See my post above. You wouldn't use Zotero for the footnote since the footnote *isn't* a citation, it just *contains* a citation. You can just insert a footnote using Word
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