Zotero automatically puts 11 citations in bibliography of clean document

I have a relatively large document: 107 pages of 45.000 words. The document contains over 100 references, but they are all plain text. I have not worked with a reference manager in this document at all.

I want to replace them with Zotero references, but quickly run into the following problem.

When I take the document and press 'Add bibliography' on the space where I want it (note that I have not inserted any citations yet) Zotero automatically detects and places 11 citations in it. Scattered throughout the document Zotero occassionally adds text to refer to these citations, but this is totally random.

For example, maybe reference number 5 occurs four times in the document. One of the four times Zotero will automatically insert a citation, and the other three he doesn't.

HERE IS THE PROBLEM: When I manually go through the document to delete all these automatically inserted citations I can get rid of only 4 out of 11 in the bilbiography.

For example: Article 1 is by Johnson et al and Article 2 is by Tailor et al.
If I delete the citations leading to article 1, it is also removed from the bibliography
If I delete the citations leading toa rticle 2, it is still present in the bibliography.

I have tried anything I could imagine. I have turned on 'shading fiels' so that I can see where these links occur in the document. I have deleted the obvious ones. I simply cannot find in the document where these links occur and how to delete them.

I cannot manually delete these citations from the bibliography. Because I still want to update the list and have automatic numbering. Every time I do that the ones I deleted come back.

How can I fix this? Is there a way I can take my fresh document (no citations yet) and insert a bibliography WITHOUT it automatically inserting 11 citations?
  • You could either try turning on field codes and search for snippets of the citations still somewhere left in the document.
    Or you go the reverse of why users usually come here for, they have flattened their citations.
    You can either try the unlink citations button or save the document in a format that does this. See the documentation for this.
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