Beta Testing iPad- "Attached file could not be found." (using Zotero for storage not WebDav)

Loving the iPad beta but having trouble accessing any PDF's on the iPad added to Zotero after October 2020. Local storage on the iPad is showing 122 files (29.25 MB) so I'm assuming my storage isn't capped. Any other thoughts as to why I can access these PDF's on my Mac but not on the iPad?
  • You're at your file storage quota of 300 MB. The quota is online — how much you have locally on the iPad is irrelevant.

    You'll need to add a storage subscription or delete attachments to sync more files.
  • Thank you for clarifying! After clearing out my library, I still don't have access to those newer files on the Web LIbrary or iPad. Is there a way to re-sync the library in order to upload these newer PDF's to the Web library so they're not just stored locally on my computer?
  • Files that hadn't been uploaded will automatically be uploaded once there's enough space. Beyond that, see Files Not Syncing.
  • I am still unable to see any of these newer documents even after updating my storage.

    Debug ID: D2045283411
  • You're getting a sync error due to a note with an embedded image, as indicated by the sync error to the left of the sync button and the message that appears when you click on it. You'll need to fix that for the rest of syncing to continue.

    (The Zotero beta adds partial support for adding images to notes in a way that allows them to sync, and that will be expanded soon, but images pasted into notes previously won't sync.)
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