different papers but same citation number


my problem is that I use a new source but in word 2016 it doesnt fill in a new citation number, instead it uses the last one (same number) .
May somebody have an idea of the problem?
  • which citation style? And do you have automatically update citations enabled in the document preferences?
  • Hello and thx for the fast replying!
    My citation style is IEEE and automatically update citation is on.
  • Does this happen consistently, i.e. your get [11] asdfsadf [11] asdfasdf [11] etc.? Or just once?

    What happens if you switch to an author date style (like APA) -- do they show the right authors? -- and then back?
  • i cant see a special structure when happening (at the moment its just on one special Area

    if i want to switch there comes fail and i can open the troubleshooting help (which doesnt really help)

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