Bug/Request: Annotation colors in notes does not update with changes in PDF Viewer

edited October 6, 2021
In the new beta, built-in PDF viewer, once an annotation/highlight has been added/imported into the right Note pane, highlight colours are not updated when colours are reassigned either in the PDF pane or the left Annotation pane. I tried toggling the "Remove/Apply annotation colours", manually changing the colour in the Note pane to match that of the document, and closing and reopening the pdf. For now, the workaround is to remove and then re-add the annotation in Note.

I suggest adding, by default or by option, the ability to refresh annotation colours in the Note pane to match the current document.

Many thanks for offering such an awesome research/writing tool.
  • Annotations added to notes are no longer connected to the original annotations.

    Updating can't be done automatically — there's no guarantee that the original annotation still exists, and it would be a bit dangerous to update notes in another place based on changes made in the PDF reader.

    We could consider providing an option to update annotations in a note if they still exist as a manual option.
  • Thanks for the consideration.
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