Hello.Im Sheyda, from IranI have some problem with my favorite app; Zotero. I didnt know Zotero very well. That number was Report ID. I should have more space. please help me. I am working on my thesis, I have not much time and this problem bothers me very much.Thanks.waiting for your response
  • You're out of storage space, and you would need to add a storage subscription if you want to upload more files to the online library. You can store as much as you like locally on your computer.
  • but how can I conver the stored file to linked file?!!!!! I had a wrong action and clik on the bottom (convert linked files to stored files) and now, I am out of storage.
    or tell me how can I store on my computer when i am out of storage?
  • You can just turn off file sync in the sync tab of the Zotero preferences
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