How to use the "Extra" field for custom information with COinS?


I have been researching a lot and performing many tests, but in the end, I can't make the Extra field import custom information with COinS format.

For example, for a Journal Article I can make the Extra field import correctly a place if I include &

For a Presentation, Extra will contain Series if I add &rft.series=This%20is%20Series.

But if I need a Book or a Report to contain the sales number and a call number, I am not able to create that information on the Extra field. Actually, Zotero does not even export it in COinS format.

Any idea on how to show this information?

Thank you!
  • COinS is a very limited data format, it just won't let you capture all metadata, and certainly not non-standard formats like sales number
  • Thank you adamsmith. Is there any other more complete data format you recommend to be used with HTML in order to be read by the Zotero connector browser plugin?
  • Thank you damnation. After some tests importing from Zotero in different formats, it seems that RDF (both Bibliontology and Zotero RDF) is the one that completes all the possible fields for the item type. Let's see how to include RDF on the site...
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