Re-importing library on formatted macbook

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  • I formatted my macbook. I reinstalled Zotero. But I cannot import my files. I made a backup by saying export. I have the files but it is not working.

    Could you help me?
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    Could you please provide more details about the type of back-ups you have and what exactly isn't working.
  • Sure, but I can't remember exactly. Because it's been a year. As far as I remember, when I was in the Zotero program, I took a backup by selecting files - export and selecting notes and pdfs.

    Now I reinstalled Zotero and I click import but I don't know which file to choose.

    Can you reach me on Whatsapp? We can examine it in more detail.

  • If you exported everything to the device you formatted then you lost it.
  • @fmuro No, I saved it to my hard drive after exporting. After formatting, I restored the files from my hard drive to the computer, but I can't. Please contact me on Whatsapp today and let's solve it :(
  • Support happens here.
    A preferable Back-up would simply be the Zotero folder from your harddisk before formatting. Do you have a full hd backup, e.g. via Timemachine?

    If not, the export file to open is the .rdf File in the folder Zotero generated during export
  • Hello there,

    I said so because it would be easier to share pictures and instant communication via Whatsapp. It's okay, I'll continue from here.

    I manually copied the Zotero files I backed up to my hard drive. My files are in the picture in the link.
  • @adamsmith

    Really thank you so much. I succeeded. I solved the problem and I am very happy.
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