What is the current utility of tagging annotations in PDF Viewer

edited September 29, 2021
Hello, I am not clear on what can be done with the tags added to an annotation on the left pane of the new built-in PDF Viewer. In the main view, these tags only appear in the tag selector box on the "My Library" level. Select the Collection folder containing the PDF file, with those tagged annotations, and the tag disappears. The PDF annotation tags don't currently index or give any results. In other words, I don't see how to search or sort by them in the Zotero application, what their practical application is? Searching a tag in the search box at the top of the PDF annotation pane doesn't do anything. When importing/dragging them into a note (right pane), Zotero neither links these tags with the pdf file nor the note. What is the utility of adding Annotation tags in PDF Preview? Is it a feature in the process of further development? It seems incomplete. Thanks
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