Request: Add way to locate Zotero folder(s) of citation/file from "My Library"

edited September 29, 2021
It is not obvious to me how I know which Collection or Subcollection folder(s) my citations are saved in when reviewing them from the "My Library" master list. It would be great if the info pane of every citation/file, for example, showed all the Zotero folder locations where the file appears, so one could search for a citation in the My Library list, then go directly to the folder location of where it appears. If I don't remember which Collection/Subcollection I saved the citation/file to, how can I immediately locate it through with folder tree without having to manually tag every citation with its Collection/Subcollection folder name? Perhaps, I am missing something very obvious, but in standard file managers, the location path (e.g., folder tree) of every file is easily accessible.

In the case of Zotero, the folder path of the file could be displayed (in the Info pane, for example) as "My Library > Collection > Subcollection > Subcollection, etc (e.g., My Library > Covid-19 > Ivermectin > Side Effects > Biome Depletion).

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