Beta pdf reader: 2 feature requests

Hi all,

Beta pdf reader is fantastic! apologies if that has been asked before, but I would love to see the following features:
1. Currently, If I have opnened several pdf files in various tabs, and I am annotating one file and then move to another tab, with another open file, the annotations still display the annotations of the first, previous file. I then need to manually click the back button in the notes tab, to get back to the general notes tab, and then, depending on what I want to do, create a new note. It would be better to either have an option in preferences, or to make it as the default that the notes tab automatically switches to the notes of the pdf whose tab is on view (this would make particular sense, if I am already reading that pdf and have added notes).

2. In my old, pre-beta reader workflow, I would create notes with titles that go something like this: "12 the concept of the gene", "15 genes and development" etc. where the number is the page number of the note. This then allowed to display all notes in sequence in zotero (even if I did not read and take notes in sequence). It would be great if zotero could automatically generate a title (or just first line) for each note that begins with the page on which an annotation sits, followed by the first line of the annotation (obviously zotero cannot auto-generate a meaningful title). What it currently does is add the citation including page at the bottom of the note, but this does not help with sorting and getting an overview of the structure of the pdf (page numbers help to see where in the pdf there are a lot of annotations, and where there are few).

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