How can I cite multiple pages using the small (default) 'add citation' dialogue?

For example, I want to cite Smith, pages 4 and 20.
I click 'add citation', then type 'Smith' and select Smith's book, then type '4, 20' but it only includes the '4' in my citation.
I can do '4-20' fine, but not separate, individual page numbers.

I can do it in the classic Add Citation dialogue, but not in the default. Any ideas how I can make it work?

  • You can click on the citation in the red bar or press Ctrl+down arrow to open the citation details, and then enter 4, 12 into the Page field. You can't add comma separated page ranges without that
  • Awesome, thanks!
    I didn't realise that you could get that citation details pane to pop up if needed. It's a bit like a 'mini classic view', but it's quicker than using the classic view, which is nice.
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