Beta PDF reader - rotating image area annotations

This is related to but distinct from questions about rotating a PDF for viewing.

I often include charts/images in my annotations of an article using the Select Area tool. If the chart/image is rotated in the document, into a portrait orientation for instance, selecting it will maintain that rotation, even if I have rotated the document for viewing.

Would it be possible to either
(1) maintain the orientation of the selected area to match how I am viewing the PDF, or (2) even better would be to be able to independently rotate the image as an annotation and/or in the note editor

  • +1, this is annoying. Just ran into this issue - here's a screenshot:
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    The original post above is from a year ago during the Zotero beta. You can now rotate individual pages from the thumbnails tab of the sidebar, which will modify the PDF permanently.
  • @dstillman - the page rotation is perfect! the issue is annotations produced by the Area Select tool. Look at how the Area Select annotation appear in their original orientation in the screenshot I posted, despite having rotated the pages in the Zotero PDF viewer.
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    No, you're misunderstanding. You're using the View option to rotate the pdf, which also existed a year ago.

    Since then we added the ability to rotate individual PDF pages from the sidebar, which will modify the PDF itself. Image annotations will then match what you see.

    We could still look into automatically rotating extracted images when the view is rotated — that makes sense to me — but it's not necessary for getting what you want.
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