Search by Tag on iOS Beta


I created tag using Windows 10 Zotera Beta Desktop app. I can search on the articles by tag on Zotero Desktop but cannot do any tag search on iPad. The articles are synced properly after updating the app but tag search is still an issue.

Debug ID: D1667448916
  • You can search by tag on iOS just by typing tags into the search bar. Other ways to search by tag more similar to the tag selector in the desktop app are planned.
  • just bumping this feature request :)
  • likewise - I would love some sort of tag filtering for the iOS app (like the desktop or the mobile web versions)!
  • Here my workaround, in case someone finds it useful. For the tags I want to search exclusively also on the iPad, I name them using the hashtag symbol: '#mytag' , as you would do on social networks. Then when I type '#mytag' on the iOS app, it will show just the tagged papers. That way I avoid filtering out also papers that for some reason contain the word 'mytag' (without hashtag) on the title, etc. For example, if I use #meta-learning, then only those specifically tagged papers will appear on the iOS app (if I use just meta-learning, it might also show me other papers that contain that keyword somewhere else).
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