Weird, across-groups search behavior

edited September 27, 2021
I'm searching for a terms with a collection of group A selected and Zotero is returning results from group B in the search results. See with collections "Checklists" selected and the selected article shown as belonging to collection "Associated Papers" two groups up

This is on 5.0.97-beta.46+4cfa23050 but I'm pretty sure I've seen this in earlier Zotero versions, prior to the new collection tree code.

Not sure how reliably I'm able to replicate this, but I"m happy to try if you let me know what I should capture.
  • Sorry, not totally understanding this. You're saying "Checklists" is selected here, but the item appearing is actually in "Associated Paper / …"? And you're also holding down the key to show what collection it's in, and that's highlighting the "Associated Paper / …" collection correctly? And this is only with a search in the search bar, not when just viewing the "Checklists" collection?
  • Yes, exactly to all three questions above.
  • Can you provide a Debug ID for the search?
  • Debug ID: D544568
    1. selecting Checklists collection,
    2. search for "high-stress" in the Checklists collection in Everything mode including quotation marks,
    3. selecting one of the parent items of a found PDF (only the PDFs were found by search),
    4. scrolling up a bit on the left (without unselecting collection) and
    5. pressing control to show "Associated Papers" highlighted"
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