two accounts in zotero standalone

Hi, I've been reading some discussions about having 2+ accounts in zotero standalone. I know it is possible which is great. I'm able to have two profiles (I've created a new one apart from the existing first one) after running the 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Zotero\zotero.exe -P' but I don't know how to associate the second account to the second profile. Can someone help me out with a detailed explanation?
Please keep in mind that I'm not an advanced user but I really need to do this to keep working.
Thanks very much for your help.
  • In the second profile, set up the Sync pane in Zotero settings with the second account.

    In general, though, I would recommend against using two accounts like. A much better approach for most use cases is to make a group library with your first account if you are looking to have 2 separate libraries. What is your use case here?
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    My use case:

    I use Zotero for two distinct tasks:

    1) as a tool for capturing, references for my academic work, managing those records, and citing the records in written work.

    2) as a MODS generator for metadata obtained from publisher websites. Publisher metadata is imported into Zotero where I make necessary edits, modify the author abstract to enhance understandability for readers who are in a different professional discipline than the author, and then export the records in MODS format to import into a public online SafetyLit database. Once imported into SafetyLit I delete the Zotero records.

    Until recently, this worked well because I have automatic syncing turned off (and only manually sync after I've added items that I want to keep for my personal academic use).

    Enter the Zotero iPad app. Now, I have the opportunity to collect metadata from publisher sites with my iPad. Getting the iPad-collected metadata that goes to my online library means syncing to get the records to my local Zotero. I'm uncomfortable with each day syncing several hundreds of records to my main library only to delete them and empty the trash the same day. Then syncing to remove those records from my online library. I know myself well enough to worry that I will end up deleting records that I want to keep.

    I'd love to have a separate Zotero account that is only for my iPad use for gathering these temporary records. That way, I could have my regular Zotero account as a normal user and a second Zotero account for my SafetyLit database work.

    edit: I'm considering setting up an new account on a Zotero-naive computer to use with my iPad.
  • @marinatmendes: I really wouldn't advise doing this if you consider yourself not an advanced user. This is absolutely an advanced configuration with various caveats, and it's not really something we can help you with beyond the existing documentation.
  • thanks for all answers!
    @bwiernik: the second group library is already created and following your suggestion I'm only able to create a new group library and not join an existing one (that I've joined already online)... I'm seeing it as quite complex.
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