Syncing annotations between Zotero ios and Onyx Boox?

Hi, has anyone found a way to sync annotations between Zotero ios and Onyx Boox (which is an eink android device)? I have tried using Zoo for Zotero but I'm not able to sync annotations between the devices.
  • I don't think there are plans for Zoo to support the new annotations (but, it is open source... somebody might come along). My hope would be that Koreader could support the Zotero annotation format. Koreader is available on almost all devices on which there is no native Zotero client, and it has a similar annotation format to Zotero in that it keeps the original PDF untouched. Another route could be that Zotfile could be enhanced to support the translation between database annotations and the Koreader format.
  • Thank you for your reply - it's good to know I'm not missing something obvious.
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