Hi everyone... Burning the midnight oil... and as you would have Murphy and his darn Laws! I am not sure how to explain this one.

I'm working in Zotero its a little slow to pull an ISBN, then it crashed. When I restarted everything disappeared. However.... my sqlit files and his buddies are all in place.

I manually mapped to to them and still Zotero maintained the welcome screen(not sure if that is correct term). I deleted the app and got the new version on the site a few mins ago. Now I am getting the error:

"This Zotero database requires Zotero 5.0.97-beta.33+fdcd4e51c or later."

I dont see another version but I prob missed it.

I am still looking but I thought I should get this message out to see if someone is awake and could help me restore me files... many many thanks.

Thanks everyone :)
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