Zotero ios beta: Can I access all my pdf files if I move to Zotero’s storage ?

Since I am now working exclusively from my iPad Pro, I can’t access my pdf files anymore as the WebDav service is not yet supported on iOS beta.

I am wondering if I moved my pdf and attached files from my institution’s WebDav to Zotero’s storage plan will I be able then to access all of my documents directly from the ios beta app?
  • Yes, the iOS app supports Zotero Storage.

    Note that WebDAV support on iOS is planned, but we don't have an ETA.
  • Thanks for your reply. In case if I chose to change my storage to Zotero, will all my attached files move automatically from my institution’s Webdav to the new storage plan? And if so, could this step be done directly from iPad or should I also/first change my storage from the Settings of Zotero’s desktop app?
  • No, you can't do it on the iPad. You have to change your file-sync settings in the desktop app, and then sync so that all the files are uploaded to Zotero Storage.
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