Deleting Errors, etc.

Hello. My ultimate goal is to reduce the size of my Zotero files to stay within the 100 MB (before additonal space is available to purchase.) This led me to notice a number of issues.

1) When searching for attachments of type audio, one reference came up with it's attachment even though I think I deleted it months ago, and the reference is not in my library anywhere. When I double clicked on that reference (from within the search window), it brings me back to my Zotero files, but doesn't select any such file. Also, that file is still in my Zotero storage directory.

2) The second issue is that I tried the "Purge Deleted Storage Files" and "Purge Orphaned Storage Files" options (to fix the above issue). Both however failed. The "Purge Deleted Storage Files" option fails by showing a yellow error triangle next to the sync button, and the error given is

Module not found

The "Purge Orphaned Storage Files" also fails, but silently and gives a Javascript error of

"Zotero.Sync.Storage.purgeOrphanedStorageFiles is not a function" {file: "chrome://browser/content/browser.xul" line: 1}

3) Also I attempted to delete a file (using "Delete selected item from library"). The file no longer shows up in the Zotero search, but is still in the files in the storage directory. Also my library size in settings didn't seem to go down.

I submitted both the error from the sync error (the yellow triangle next to sync) and a debug output. The numbers are 1019132390 and D1151676263 respectively.

The debug code includes the following actions: started Firefox, searched for attachments of type audio in Zotero, double clicked on the reference which shouldn't be there, went to purge orphaned files, went to purge deleted files, submitted the sync error, and submitted the debug output.

I hope this information is helpful. Please let me know if I need to provide more info.
  • Empty your trash.
  • Thank you!

    If I may be so bold, here is a suggestion to help idiots like me who have never noticed there is a trash in Zotero. (I also misunderstood in the forums what you meant by trash. I thought you meant the Windows recycling bin, or the "purge deleted storage files" option.)

    My suggestion is to change the confirmation message "Are you sure you want to delete the selected item?" to "Are you sure you want to move the selected item to the trash?" This is similar to what Windows (Vista) does.

    Or you can also rename the option from "Delete selected item from library" to "Move selected item to the trash" This is similar to what Ubuntu Linux does.

    Also, another random suggestion would be to have some confirmation window popup when one selects "Purge Deleted Storage Files" to explain that the option does and that if the user just wants to remove items from the trash, one should go to the Trash folder (collection?) and select empty trash.

    Regardless, thanks for your help and for such a great product!
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    I like the relabeling of the delete item - that's a good idea.
  • Message for moving to trash is fixed in the latest dev build. Thanks.
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