add to collection on import? (plus, remember sort order by collection?)

I think it would be really convenient if Zotero could import new records (from the web or a library catalog, that is) into the currently displayed collection, as well as into the main library. I have a bunch of different projects I work on separately, and I'm always having to pop into the main library, change the sort order to "date added," select the new stuff, drag it, and then finally go back into the collection I was using and put the sort order back to what it was before I can get back to work. Maybe it could be an option, at least.

Which reminds me, it would *really* nice if each collection could remember its last-used sort order--like how folders are treated in Windows Explorer, for example. If it's easier, this would also eliminate the need for my other suggestion.

Thank you!
  • The collections are located within your main library. Anything that goes to a collection inside a library also goes to the library. On my computer, If I have a collection selected and import an item, it goes to the selected collection automatically.
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    Not mine: 2.0b7.2, Mac, Firefox 3.5.3.
  • I have exactly the same software versions and it does work for me. If I open Zotero pane, create a new collection and keep the collection selected, and then import an item, the item goes to this new collection.

    Here is a short video to show how it works.
  • I know how it works, thank you. It simply does not.
  • Can you post a video of you doing the same thing so that I can see if you do it the same way? If you have the latest quicktime, you can do a screen recording and then post it to youtube.
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    sorry, but honestly, i don't have time for that. if you read my original post, i suggested the very feature and behavior you have been re-describing. it's not that big a deal--if it's already supposed to work, i'm satisfied it will at some later date. thank you.
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    We are using the exact same software (I am using OS X 10.6, but I do not think that it matters.) and what you describe has always worked for me. If it does not work for you, giving as much information as you can to the developers will help it to get fixed or will help others to identify if you are doing something differently.
  • I think I figured this out: import to the open collection seems to work only if you have Zotero running in the same window (and tab?) as the page you are importing from. I almost never work like that, because I like/need to see both catalog entries and Zotero full-screen. Any thoughts/suggestions? Could Zotero be made to do the same with other windows? Thanks again.
  • for the record - it does work in a different tab. It's the window that matters.
    I think either being able to have Zotero fullscreen in just one tab or having the collection behavior work across windows would be fine (although maybe there is a downside to that second option that I'm not seeing?).
    Generally I think a Zotero tab would be awesome, though apparently non-trivial.
  • I think a dedicated tab would be useful sometimes, but the separate window behavior is more important to me personally. I seem to do a lot of side-by-side comparison, copying, and transcription, for which you really need a free-floating window. It's nice that you can do it with notes, but not everything goes into a note. I also tend to look for books in multiple libraries at the same time (in their own tabs), so a separate Zotero window is quicker & more convenient for swapping (one key combo away).
  • OK - makes sense to me - I have no idea, though, how that works with the FF infrastructure. Maybe someone from dev can chime in. With the proliferation of huge widescreen monitors, the idea of having Zotero open fullscreen on one side of the monitor will be increasingly common and being to able to designate collections there would indeed be great.
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