Issues with annotations while reading PDFs in iOS beta

On Zotero 1.0 (151) iOS beta while adding or editing a PDF annotation...

1. The "Done" button does not work, and the only option to close the annotation dialog is to swipe down. But...
2. On landscape view, it is not possible to swipe down to close the annotation dialogue.
3. Issue with saving: I'm not sure the actions described in 1 and 2 are actually saving the notes / color properties of the annotations. It seems some are (verified by syncing my laptop) and some are not. If I look at the note I added in the annotation on iOS, the text appears just barely there black on dark grey. But if I drag/sync and then quit/restart the note disappears.
  • We're aware of the Done issue, and we'll look into the others. Thanks.
  • Thanks. Is there a better place to check for previous reports?
  • You can pore through open and closed issues on GitHub if you really want to, but generally it's faster to just post here and we'll tell you.
  • +1 on the black text on dark gray background. When first creating the annotation, I’m able to see the text just fine (white text on dark gray bg). Exiting the annotation (clicking out of it, since I’m on iPad with Magic Keyboard) and opening it again shows the black text on dark bg.
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    For (3), I'm not really clear on the issue. If you're experiencing it, can you take a screenshot, upload it somewhere (e.g., Dropbox or Google Drive), and provide a link here? Is this when using Dark Mode?
  • The not-saving/disappearing annotation issue might be orthogonal to the dark text issue, since I’m not experiencing the former.

    This link contains two photos showing the dark text problem. When first creating the annotation, the text shows up as white. After exiting and then reopening the annotation (to edit, or even just read it) the text shows up as black. My iPad is set to dark mode (_not_ automatic, just always set to dark mode), and I have the Zotero app set to light mode.
  • To clarify #3, on current iOS, the Done button works now and is saving, but the black text on dark mode is still there and hard to read. Thanks for posting @cdrckrgt
  • OK, @michalrentka will need to take a look. Seems like some sort of bug when in Dark Mode.
  • Thanks for the report. The dark mode issue will be fixed in next build.
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