Zotero iOS beta crashes on start up


I'm not sure if TestFlight is reporting this type of crash in iOS beta. From 1.0 (138) onwards, when I try to start Zotero on my iPad, I get the "Z" splash screen which stays visible for about 30 - 45 seconds, and then Zotero crashes. Version 1.0 (137) starts OK. I have been running the latest updates to iPadOS (currently 14.8) and I'm using iPad Air 2. (Haven't upgraded to iPadOS 15 yet, but if that works I'll let you know!). Oh and Zotero Beta on my Windows machines is also always up to date.

Is there something else that I can or need to do to send actual bug reports to Zotero developers, or is TestFlight actually sending you folk information on these crashes?

Thank you!

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