Selecting and deleting only notes

I just importing 1,200 references from Bookends using EndNote XML export/import. Each of my references contains at least one note titled:

The following values have no corresponding Zotero field:

None of these notes are useful to me and I would like to delete them all in bulk.

I can save a search for notes with that "following values" but the results include the parent item and attachments.

How can I select only the notes that meet those criteria so that I can delete them without deleting the reference itself?

  • @jeff698: You don't need a plugin for this. Do a search from the search bar for "following values" in All Fields & Tags mode, click an item, and do a Select All (e.g., Ctrl-A or Cmd-A) to select the search matches, which are the items in black, and delete them. Other items are just context rows, which will show in gray and won't be selected by a Select All.
  • good tip@dstillman
  • @dstillermann, thanks! That worked perfectly.

    One note of caution, after deleting the matches, your library will look like it is empty. That's because I still had the "following values" criteria in the search field which obviously was no longer returning any hits. After clearing that criteria, my full library was back and my heart rate was normal again.

    Thanks again!
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