Creating exceptions for forced capitalization in Scientific names

Zotero keeps capitalizing everything after a period, which gives me
Microbacter f. Sp. Nov [Correct: Microbacter f. sp. nov ]
Bacillus subtilis sp. Subtilis [Correct Bacillus subtilis sp. subtilis ]

Things I've tried.
1. Changing the language to Hebrew
2. Putting tags around the letters
3. Setting the field to sentence case.

Things I've attempted to do but got lost:
1. Searching through the style editor to find the title-case thing cause i don't know under what section it should be.

I have a lot of references and going through them manually every time I refresh is a pain cause the word processor cannot search through the bibliography.

My questions:
1. Is there any way to force Zotero to stop capitalizing stuff after periods and import the title as I have html'ed it?
2. Failing that, is there any way to force Word to search through the citations and replace them?

Your help is greatly appreciated.

  • The way to prevent cases changes is to wrap the text that shouldn’t be changed in these HTML tags:
    <span class="nocase"> Microbacter f. sp. nov</span>
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