BUG: Beta 5.0.97-beta.44+fa4020f78 "Go To Page" not working

[I've searched and don't see this report. Also, I know this is in beta, so maybe this feature isn't implemented yet.]

In the Note, after using the PDF "Add to Note" feature, the automatically generated field (Author, Date, Page) has a tooltip with a "Go To Page" option.

Expected behavior: clicking on this loads the corresponding page in the source PDF. If the source PDF is not open in a tab, it opens it in a tab and loads the page.

Observed behavior: No change to the PDF page location. However, if the PDF is not open in a tab, clicking on "Go to Page" does load the PDF.

Seen in Linux Mint 20.1 and Manjaro.
  • 1) Does it happen with other PDF files?
    2) Does it happen if you create a new annotation and do "Add to Note" again?
  • Hi, martynas_b,

    1) I've seen this with many PDFs. However, I just now tested one and got the expected behavior.

    2) I just now was able to get it to work with a different PDF, one I had not annotated.

    So perhaps this is affected by how the PDFs are created? If so, I'm not sure how to tease out the differences, but I'd be happy to share the PDFs I'm seeing problems with.
  • Yes, please send an example PDF to support@zotero.org with a link to this thread. Thanks.
  • Let me know if you need more PDFs to figure out a pattern. I just tried on a new one now and the same bug cropped up.
  • UPDATE: On a PDF I am working on now, when I highlight and add a section to a note, the automatic citation says "p. 1" no matter what page the highlight came from.
  • @octavabasso I can reproduce the previously reported problems and created a few issues:

    But if you are saying that you always get the same page number - this is something new. Could you share that file as well?
  • Done. The one I just sent is weird. Some highlights produce a note entry with the right page; most, however, produce ("page 1") no matter where I get the snippet.
  • For the last file, all pages have label "1". The software that produced the PDF was faulty. But in future we will try to fix those.
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