Modifications CSL code for tapuscrit style

Hi everyone,
I'm writing my PhD thesis in markdown and I'm using Bibtex. I'm having some issues with the quotation style I use, namely the tapuscrit, when converting my document to PDF. First, when I quote an article, there is a space between the quotation marks and the title but the length of this space is not equal between the former and the latter.
The second issue is when quoting the same reference successively, the ibid. mention appears but the name of the author(s) is quoted again, when it shouldn't be the case. Would it be possible to tell me which part of the CSL code I could modify to get the result I want?
Thank you in advance
  • Which Tapuscript style are you using? The Note or the author-date one?

    For the first issue -- does the preview of the style here (hover over the style) look right?

    For the second issue -- the style does this correctly. My best guess would be it's related to how you're inserting the citation in the markdown. Could you provide the syntax you're using in the md document?
  • Thank for your answer and my apologies for double posting.

    I'm using the Note one. The preview is fine, but in my case we can clearly that the length of the space between the two quotation marks is not equal. I also opened an issue on Github with screenshots that may help to visualize the issue :

    For the second issue, I thought that two consecutive references to the same document would just show an "ibid." and not the author's name. The screenshots on Github could also help I think.

    Thanks again for your help.
  • I think all of these issues are unrelated to the style itself and either due to how you use markdown or how the citation processor renders the style.
    You may need to contact the processor maintainer (this is pandoc?) but make sure you're using the most recent version of pandoc and include a MWE as common in that space.
  • Thank you for your answer. I understand. I thought it was due to the style because I had another similar issue and I was able to solve it by modifying the style. But I'll try to solve the issue by taking a look at my markdown document or pandoc then.
  • If you're using pandoc to generate anything but PDF, you're better off using CSL rather than BibTeX.
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